Content Mind has commissioned the development of an intranet for ABB, the leading company in electrotechnical technology and automation. The project consisted of creating a collaborative environment where the different business units of the company could share documents and knowledge,

becoming a single central point of knowledge within the company. The users in this virtual environment, with different levels of privileges, can create, view and comment on more than fifty different types of files, with a workflow customized for each user.

At Content Mind we have developed the new website of the mythical El Molino café concert in Barcelona. The assignment includes a new design, more visual, and a new information structure with more content, along with the entire system to manage the calendar of shows and the online sale of tickets.

The project also includes developing a tailored content management system (CMS), based on the Plone system software, which will allow a more flexible update of the web contents. Also, we create all audiovisual contents in El Molino shows.

We have develop a native Iphone and Android application for this project which brings together the promoted products and places from gastroteca with its users. It was not a simple web site adapted to iPhone unique needs, instead it is a new way to deliver the same content with an appealing and geolocalization-based approach.

Apart from that we have been working on the whole marketing campaign for both apps (flyers, banners, …) as well as the Facebook and Twitter communities around gastroteca.

*link available in Android devices

On 2010 July 12th, the Paral·lel avenue (a famous avenue on Barcelona) claimed its own potential by creating an event with the slogan: Fem Festa, Fem Paral·lel “Make party, make Paral·lel”. We were asked to organize actions asking the visitors to give feedback and opinions about the neighborhood around Paral·lel avenue.
A stand was designed to allow

Paral·lel neighbors to put their comments, proposals and experiences.The stand had three main areas: screens projecting videos with famous neighbors talking about Paral·lel avenue, a big canvas with images where visitors added their comments and another canvas called Arbre d'Idees(ideas tree) where proposals, complains and wishes regarding the neighborhood were added.